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The Murli Group partners with organizations to help them with the entire Lean transformation process at any stage of maturity. We achieve this by working on technical process change in concert with the necessary cultural change. We cover the elements of Leader Standard Work, Lean Leadership Behaviors, People Systems (Lean HR), and development of internal Lean experts. All of this culminates in a sustainable, continuously improving environment that allows for a successful disengagement once complete.

Our approach is flexible and will be customized to match your specific needs at the current juncture in your Lean journey. The Murli Group will invest time with you to understand which level of support is appropriate.

The Murli Group will guide you through the management of change within your organization to ensure that the processes – as well as the thinking behind them – gain broad acceptance at each phase. We can help you transform your organization's culture and create an environment of constant learning and consistent improvement. We routinely do this with companies that are just launching their Lean Journey as well as those that have been at it for many years.

Levels of Support

  • Operational Analysis
  • Topic Specific Training
  • Lean Transformation Planning and Coaching
  • Capacity Augmentation

Some Topic Specific Tools

  • Key Concepts of Lean
  • Strategy Deployment
    Aligning leadership with purpose-mission-vision and key breakthrough objectives
  • Value Stream Map
    Making waste visible in the flow of product and information throughout the enterprise. Providing a roadmap for ongoing process improvements
  • Cultural Assessment
    Understanding the cultural attributes of the organization and contrasting against the best practice Lean thinking organization to identify gaps
  • Lean HR Strategies
    Aligning the influencers in the organization with sought-after Lean thinking behaviors
  • Lean Management System
    Matching up the technical aspects of leader standard work with appropriate Lean Leadership Behaviors
  • Visual Management Systems
    Creating a visuality in the workplace that identifies existence, adherence, and sufficiency of standardized work processes
  • Lean Logistics
    Applying the principles of Lean to the broader application of global logistics
  • Innovation / New Product Development
    Utilizing Lean thinking methodologies to bring new product offerings from concept to full production readiness
  • Facility Design
    Applying Lean principles to the design of the work space
  • Change Management
    Understanding the ebb and flow of organizational reactions to the change process and how to best manage each phase
  • Kaizen Event Management
    The planning, execution, and follow-up for effective kaizen events
  • Total Productive Maintenance
    Bringing together maintenance and production to continually improve the overall effectiveness of equipment
  • Developing Internal Experts
    The identification, training, coaching, and certification of internal Lean experts
  • Training Within Industry
    Embedding the proven training techniques of TWI with the process improvement mechanisms of Lean to ensure rapid and effective implementation of standardized work processes
Ultimately, Lean is a journey. While we can't take you to a specific "destination," we can be your guide – and your partner – on the path. When you're ready to begin your journey, please contact The Murli Group.
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