Government Agencies

While the challenges of public service are unique the principles of Lean are universal. The cadence of leadership changes, lack of relevant metrics, conflicting views of customers and products all lead to complexity in the transformation process. However have experience at implementing Lean Management Systems in such public sector environments and achieving success toward the agency mission as well as organizational effectiveness.

Public Versus Private Service

  • Customer clarity
  • Shareholder clarity
  • Rapid, automatic customer feedback
  • Rapid, automatic shareholder feedback
  • Simple unifying macro- and micro metrics of performance
  • Infrequent public scrutiny
  • Customer ambiguity
  • Shareholder ambiguity
  • Slow, often indirect customer feedback
  • Slo, often indirect shareholder feedback
  • Few meaningful metrics
  • Continuous public scrutiny - fish bowl 
In the private sector, organizational
effectiveness is self-correcting and fairly rapid.
Operational leaders who are not effective are
naturally driven out quickly by the ecosystem
In the public sector, organizational
effectiveness is often hidden. While elected officials
receive rapid feedback, ineffective operational leaders
succeed by avoiding mistakes
More so than in the private sector, operational leaders in the public sector have to have an innate passion for people and performance and be trained in continuous improvement. They also need training in practical performance management systems and tools.
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