Lean Healthcare

Lean healthcare is patient-centered.

The Murli Group understands the complexities and the priorities of healthcare, and we are experienced working with staff, providers and executives. Our first-hand experiences have led to the development of a Lean management system designed specifically to drive improvement in healthcare organizations.

What makes our approach different? Through coaching and mentoring, The Murli Group focuses on engaging all staff, building internal Lean resources and standardizing your process – all while keeping the patient experience at the center of the process.

Our framework for healthcare improvement is proven to get results. Implementation of Lean principles will impact all levels of your organization and all aspects of the patient experience – quality, safety, engagement, cost, access, and delivery of care.

In Our Partners' Words...

“The Murli Group has been a terrific partner for Reliant Medical Group. They have brought to us the tools and discipline of Lean with a clear understanding that we needed to embrace and make it uniquely our own. A rigit standardized approach never would have worked for us. The Murli Group's teaching and advice along the way has been timely and appropriate and they have helped us to avoid serious mistakes as well as helped us to recover from our missteps along the way.”

Jack Dutzar, CEO
Reliant Medical Group

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