Lean Implementation

The Murli Group's unique Lean Transformation Model sets us apart in the industry. Sustainability has always been the problem in traditional approaches. Organizations find that they can plow through the company quickly with aggressive technical process changes, and then look back in their wake and find things reverting back almost as quickly. We are able to customize an approach to fit your organization's specific needs creating sustainable change

A People-Centric Strategy

The Murli Group believes that a company's people are the single largest success factor in effective and sustainable lean transformations.

Continuous improvement within an organization comes from a continuously improving team. With a unique focus on culture, The Murli Group emphasizes practical solutions and real-world strategies for implementing Lean Management Systems. Much of our direct coaching time is spent developing and strengthening the following areas

  • Workforce engagement
  • Problem-solving ability at all levels, by everyone
  • Organizational learning

Real Change Begins With Culture

Of course, your team doesn't operate in a vacuum. Cultural transformation is foundational to the succesful implementation of Lean principles. The Murli Group can guide you through the cultural transformation process, which includes:

  • Lean leadership behavior coaching

  • Development and execution of leader standard work

  • Human resource strategies that align initiatives with desired behaviors
  • Development of internal experts

Delivering True Value

The Murli Group's approach will help your organization build a strong internal infrastructure of Lean expertise through individual monitoring. By effectively developing and leveraging existing resources, your company will be positioned on the path to a self-sufficient, sustainable, and truly valuable Lean strategy. If this sounds like a journey you are ready to begin, let us help guide you through it.

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