eLearning Series- People Systems

The third course offering for our eLearning Series is "People Systems". Joe Murli will teach this course alongside Kathi Hanley over two (2) 4-hour days, May 19 and 20, 12 pm - 4 pm EDT. Class size is limited to allow for greater participation and discussion. Sign up now! Cost is being discounted to $295/person.

5/19/2020 – 5/20/2020
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM


A deep dive into the People Systems element of a Lean transformation will be taught on May 19 & 20!



  • A critical examination of the policies, practices, and systems that motivate people to think on behalf of the company.  Aligning People Systems to the goal of creating and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement is a requirement for a successful Lean transformation.
  • Guest Lecturer- Kathi Hanley
  • Course outline:
      • What is the problem we are trying to solve with People Systems?
      • How do we define “People Systems,” and why would we need to change them when pursuing a Lean Management System?
      • The People Value Stream- How do we assess the current state, determine what to change, and achieve the desired future state?
      • Competency management- How do we assess the current competencies of the organization and manage the development of those competencies relevant to a Lean Management System?
      • The Psychological Contract- What is it? What is currently in practice? How do you manage the desired future state?
      • Organizational design- Does the current state support a Lean Management System? What is required? If change is needed, how do we transition effectively?    
      • Managing culture- How do we characterize culture? What is the current state? How do we migrate over time to a desired future state?
      • Change management- What is the current state in terms of attitude toward change? What are the anticipated stages of change? How do we develop and manage a detailed change management plan closely coupled with the Lean Transformation Plan in each part of the business?
      • People Systems transformation management- What does a PS transformation plan look like? What is the Leader Standard Work associated with pursuing improvements and achieving the stated goals of the PS plan?

 Initial introductory rate of $295/person. Normally $495. 

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