Kaizen Events


Course Overview:  Kaizen is the continuous improvement of an entire Value Stream or an individual process to create more value with less waste.  Kaizen is meant to make work easier and more interesting, to build skills and capabilities, and to lead to organizational engagement, learning, and growth.  Its effectiveness is a pre-requisite for Lean transformation success.

This course examines the essential “whys” and “hows” of Kaizen event standard work and management, as well as proven means to sustain the gains.  The course covers strategy, pre-event planning, execution, and follow-through.

Course Objectives: Students will learn

  • The foundation and framework of Kaizen
  • The Lean leader’s role in Kaizen
  • How to ensure that Kaizen events are “pulled” by what matters
  • How to effectively pre-plan a Kaizen event
  • The Kaizen event sequence and how to apply the basic elements
  • How to sustain Kaizen gains through post-event follow-through and Leader Standard Work
  • How to fill out all forms necessary for pre-work & post-Kaizen needs
  • How to deploy the Lean function
  • The transition from system-driven Kaizen to principle-driven Kaizen
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