Strategy Deployment


Lean organizations gain their performance improvements in two main areas- the daily process improvements focused on waste elimination and the achievement of breakthrough performance improvements through the creation of new capabilities. In today’s dynamic business environment, the key to success resides in having a well understood, long range, strategic vision that acts as a compass direction for the entire organization to follow each and every day- the Japanese call this ‘Hoshin Kanri’ or Compass Management.  Even during continual changes in the environment, the overall direction of the organization stays focused and true to the prevailing strategy in order to make progress. The organization must stay focused on both this strategic vision and the daily operation to be successful over the longer term. Everyone must know the plan and the strategy must manifest itself in the work people do throughout the enterprise at every level, every day. 

This course examines the Strategy Deployment process as a structured methodology for aligning the entire organization behind a clear, simple vision, or True North.  The course looks at the rigorous process of distilling broad and/or diluted long-range targets into a few critical key objectives, the development of Breakthrough Objectives in the context of three to five-year time horizons, and then the breakdown of the Breakthrough Objectives into Annual Improvement Priorities.  The course emphasizes that the entire Strategy Deployment process, including the pursuit of breakthrough performance improvements, never loses sight of the daily operations of the business, even while the two are kept clearly distinct and are managed independently and differently.  The course examines the overall thought process and steps of Strategy Deployment using a case study and series of breakout sessions.    

Course Objectives: Students will learn

  • The importance of a Strategy Deployment planning methodology that is hierarchical, cascading down through the organization in a predictable and structured manner
  • How a proper Strategy Deployment supports daily Kaizen and over time ensures an organization achieves its longer-term strategy
  • The key steps in the Strategy Deployment process that walk through the development of True North, Breakthrough Objectives, Annual Improvement Priorities, and Line of Site metrics and how to connect them together within concise visual documentation, the X-Matrix
  • The creation of a visual War Room, either physical or virtual, where all Strategy Deployment information is kept collectively in visual display
  • The tools of Leader Standard Work in managing the Strategy Deployment system, including Gemba walks, War Room meetings, Andons, One-on-one meetings
  • The attributes of Lean Leadership Behaviors in managing the Strategy Deployment system, including the principles of Servant leadership, Humble and appreciative inquiry, Purposeful discussion


Basic understanding of Lean Management Systems

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