Lean Green Belt Certification

Course Overview:  Our Lean Certification program develops Lean capability and measures competency at four (4) levels of achievement- White, Yellow, Green, and Black Belt.  Each course is structured around an understanding of The Lean Management System (LMS) and includes a combination of classroom teaching, practical experience, and personalized coaching, culminating in demonstrated competency of the concepts by the completion of a final project.  Each level of completion takes the student on a deeper dive of the Lean Management System, allowing the student to think like a Lean practitioner so they can apply the learnings to their work. Progress along our Belt program is based primarily on demonstrated competencies as evident in current operations rather than resumes, theoretical dissertation, and testing. While we do give credit for prior achievement and demonstrated ability, the evaluation criteria for skipping levels is strictly based on direct observation of demonstrated achievement and testing.

The focus of the Green Belt certification course is to provide students with the skills for implementing process improvements at the Value Stream level.

Classroom instruction includes

  • Value Stream Mapping (1 Day)
  • Heijunka Scheduling (1 Day)
  • Lean Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (1 Day)

Coaching includes

  • 312 hours of coaching (roughly 4 hours/week) over 18 months, leading up to a final project

 At the end of the Green Belt course, students will have demonstrated the ability to transform an entire Value Stream to The Lean Management System, creating an ideal physical work environment and culture of Continuous Improvement.  The final project will focus on a fully executed Value Stream improvement plan and will be presented to the student’s Leadership team as well as The Murli Group coach for approval granting Green Belt status. 

Lean Yellow Belt certification, or fully demonstrated equivalent, including successfully developing a sustainable cellular production system is a prerequisite.

 Course Objectives: Students will have the ability to

  • Plan, prepare for, and lead Value Stream Mapping
  • Create Standard Work and Visual Management across the Value Stream
  • Lead problem-solving teams to eliminate waste based on collected data from Standard Work execution and Value Stream Mapping exercises
  • Create customer driven pull systems that flow value across the entire Value Stream
  • Stand up Leader Standard Work and Lean Leadership Behavior at the Value Stream level
  • Flow product and information through an entire Value Stream in pace with customer requirements
  • Establish the continuous improvement of a Value Stream through annual planning cycles
  • Develop Line of Site metrics to connect multiple Value Streams together with overall, common objectives
  • Apply learnings throughout multiple levels across the organization
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