Leveling Both Load & Mix- Heijunka Scheduling


Course Overview:  As Lean organizations progress past fundamentals, Kaizen processes become capable of producing higher quality products faster and with less waste.  Standard Work and Set-up Reduction enable processes to be better able to produce exactly what is needed, when it is needed, eliminating the unnecessary production of large batches and the associated cost of moving products around simply to store them.  Heijunka scheduling unlocks the potential of the agile processes that Lean enables.

This course examines how Heijunka scheduling connects the planning and scheduling processes with the manufacturing process to dramatically reduce waste throughout the value stream while at the same time improving customer service.  The course explores how, at its core, Heijunka scheduling goes beyond traditional load leveling to level both load and mix in small batches based on the principle of Every Part Every Interval and how this creates a commonly communicated interval of time within which every part for which there is demand can be produced.

Course Objectives: Students will learn

  • Which process Kaizen directly link to agility and customer service
  • How to determine current Every Part Every Interval and connect each to Takt time
  • Which Kaizen will have the greatest impact on reducing these intervals
  • How to connect customer pull signals with the production process to create a Value Stream that responds reflexively to customer requirements
  • How to connect management time cycle, interval time cycle, and Takt time as one cohesive interval of predictable management cycles
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