Lean Product & Process Development


Course Overview:  At the dawn of the industrial revolution, product design and process development were often tightly interwoven. Henry Ford’s “Model T” was a prime example of converging design, manufacturing processes, and supply chain to create an entire enterprise. In modern times however, disciplines have become more siloed and cross functional thinking has often been compromised in the process. Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD) is a Lean methodology for reversing that trend and converging both product specifications and manufacturing processes in a manner that is effective in contemporary organizations using modern technologies.

This course provides practical methods for bringing people from various disciplines together to work in a highly focused practical manner while providing optimal solutions to solve customer facing problems and reduce waste while doing so. 

Course Objectives: Students will learn

  • How to develop a customer use case and associated value propositions that a new product introduction seeks to solve 
  • How to plan for, prepare, and execute a 3P exercise carrying out a rapid series of cross functional learning cycles  
  • How to establish a product line rationalization process that optimizes the utilization of corporate resources while serving the strategic customer more effectively 
  • How to track and monitor the introduction of the product and manage its performance to expected outcomes
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