True North: The Value-Driven Purpose of the Organization

1 day

This course is a practical exercise in developing your company’s True North into an actionable artifact that the organization will utilize pervasively to identify and solve problems perpetually and broadly at every level. The first principle of Lean is the creation of an environment where everybody every day identifies and solves problems commensurate with their position in the organization in a structured and consistent manner. The True North element of the management system is the unifying force that assures autonomous decisions are made in a manner consistent with the purpose and values of the organization. It’s the glue that enables autonomy while still holding the organization together.

The Lean Management System: True North

While most organizations of size have some form of purpose, mission, and vision statements, it is rare that they fulfill the purpose of True North as described in The Lean Management System (LMS). When leaders are conducting their huddle meetings and coaching their teams to identify and solve problems, inevitably there will be a diversity of ideas on best countermeasures. A Lean leader must develop the skill to bring the company’s True North into the conversation as a key means of converging the dialog within the team on the definition of the problem as well as the countermeasures that will eventually be evaluated through experimentation.

In this class you will work through an exercise on:

  • Gathering data from your leadership team on the value driven purpose of the organization
  • Coalescing the information into a viable True North statement
  • Practice using True North as part of the facilitation of team discussions on problem identification and solving
  • Socializing the True North statement within your organization in order to foster adoption

At the end of this workshop, you will be knowledgeable in:

  • What is a True North statement and what is its purpose?
  • How does an organization develop the statement?
  • How is it used in daily Leader Standard Work?
  • How to socialize the True North statement and encourage adoption throughout the enterprise


  • It is assumed that attendees will have taken the Lean Management System course or have demonstrated LMS experience.
  • Substantial prework at least four weeks in advance is required to successfully complete this course.

Who Should Attend?

Those responsible for managing the adoption of a Lean Management System in their company.

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